Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Lovely Frankenstein, Part 2

At night, Boris would sometimes climb out his bedroom window and explore the town. He crept through backyards, frightened cats, and peeked in windows, curious to see what other people looked like and what they did. Sometimes he almost got in trouble, like the night when Mrs. Pritchard caught sight of his green face staring in through the kitchen window. Her bloodcurdling scream sent him fleeing in terror.


Boris's nightly antics soon led to rumours that a monster was loose in Elmville. Dr. Laren realized that Boris only behaved this way because he was eager to learn about the outside world. He decided that it was not good to keep him sequestered any longer, and that Boris was ready for his introduction to society. He told Boris that he would enroll him in the local high school.

"Will I... make... friends?" asked Boris in his halting English.

"Of course you will, Boris," replied the doctor. "Who wouldn't like such a sweet boy as you?"

Boris smiled and daydreamed of making friends at school.


He got more than a few stares during the walk to the high school. "Don't mind them, Boris," said the doctor. "You're just special, that's all. They've never seen anyone quite like you before. They'll like you once they get to know you."

Mrs. Allen, the principal, lost all color in her face when Boris and Dr. Laren entered her office. Dr. Laren announced proudly that Boris was ready to enter high school. The principal's response was less than enthusiastic.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Laren, but we simply cannot allow... Boris... to attend school with the other students."

"And why not? Because he's different?"

"Dr. Laren... he's... well, you know..."

"He's what, Mrs. Allen?"

"He's..."--she shook her head bewilderedly--""

Dr. Laren stood angrily. "This is discrimination, Mrs. Allen."

"Now, Dr. Laren, please..."

"This is a violation of Boris's constitutional rights! I'm contacting my lawyer!"

"They won't get away with this, Boris," said Dr. Laren after they had returned home. "I really thought Mrs. Allen would be more open-minded. And she calls herself a progressive!"


The lawyers came, and with them a swarm of reporters. Boris was a celebrity.

"Boris is a very special individual," stated Dr. Laren's lawyer to the newshounds. "He is the kindest, most sensitive person I have ever met. Make no mistake--there is much more at stake here than just the rights of Frankensteinian Americans. We are fighting against ignorance and prejudice, and for the right of every citizen, regardless of origin, to equal treatment under the law."

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