Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Lovely Frankenstein, Part 5

One day after school, Boris was walking past the football field when someone shouted out, "Hey, Frank! Why dontcha have that doctor give you a new face?"

The other players laughed, and Boris, losing his temper, kicked a football that was lying on the sideline. The jocks watched in astonishment as the football soared high and far and landed somewhere in the bleachers on the other end of the field.

"Holy smoke!" said Ace Banning, the quarterback. "Did you see that?"

"Hey Frankie! Where ya goin'? We were just kiddin', pal!"

Coach Freeman chased down Boris. "Say there, Boris... have you ever thought about playing football?"


Boris became the placekicker for the Elmville Eagles. At the Homecoming Game against the Fairview Falcons, Boris became a hero. The Eagles were losing 17 to 16 with a few seconds left to play. Out came Boris in his jersey with the name LAREN and the number 0. From halfway down the field, Boris kicked the ball easily through the goalposts, and the Eagles won 19 to 17.


The next night, Boris, wearing a tux, escorted Judy to the Homecoming Dance. He got more than a few looks from the other girls.

"He's so mysterious."

"You know, for a monster, he's actually kind of cute."

"He must be so strong. You wouldn't have to worry about anyone with him around."

"Don't you just adore that stitch?"

"I don't know about you girls, but that pallid green skin is enough to make me swoon."

"I'm such a lucky girl," said Judy. "Oh, I'm so glad you're mine, Boris." She rested her head on his broad shoulder and closed her eyes as they danced, and the girl singer crooned:

My lovely Frankenstein
How I want you to be mine
People say that you're a scream
But to me you are a dream


Judy asked her parents if she could invite Boris over for dinner, and they agreed, if somewhat reluctantly.

"So, Boris," said Mr. Parker once they were all sitting round the table, "have you been looking into any colleges?"

"No... not yet," replied Boris. He stuffed some peas into his mouth.

"I hear you're making quite a name for yourself on the football team. Keep that up and you'll get yourself a scholarship."

"Did you want any meatloaf, Boris?" asked Mrs. Parker.

"Mother," said Judy, "I told you Boris doesn't eat meat."

"A vegetarian, eh?" said Mr. Parker. "There's nothing wrong with that, Boris. I like a good rare steak myself, but to each his own, right?"

"Do you have any family, Boris?" inquired Mrs. Parker.

"No... family. Just... Dr. Laren."

"I see. Well, it was very kind of Dr. Laren to... er... adopt you."

"Honey," said Mr. Parker, shaking his head, "you know as well as I do that Boris was not adopted. Dr. Laren
created him."

"Father!" exclaimed Judy.

Mrs. Parker looked away sorrowfully.

"Well, it's true, isn't it?" said Mr. Parker. "We don't care where you came from, Boris. All that matters is who you are on the inside."

Boris smiled. "Pass... the butter?"

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