Monday, October 18, 2010

My Lovely Frankenstein, Part 9

During the last week of school before Christmas, Boris was arrested after a gang fight and thrown in the town jail. Dr. Laren had to bail him out.

"Oh, Boris, what am I to do with you? Perhaps I should withdraw you from that school. Maybe it was a mistake to think that society could accept you."

Boris looked down sadly. "Dr. Laren... why... did you... make me?"

"I made you, dear Boris, to be the son I never had. You were so wonderful at first. But now you're breaking my heart."

Boris couldn't help but cry this time. "I'm... sorry... Dr. Laren. I just... want people... to like me."

"I know, Boris, I know. I'll tell you what. You don't have to go to Elmville High any more. From now on, you can stay here and I can teach you, and you can have your friends in the woods."

"Okay," said Boris, sniffing.


Boris tapped at Judy's bedroom window. She opened it.

"Boris, what are you doing here? You know I can't see you anymore."

"But Judy... I am going... to be good... again. No more... fights."

"Oh, Boris, have you really come back to your senses?"

"Yes. Dr. Laren... is taking me... out of school."

"Out of school? Well... I suppose that's what's best." She sighed and put her hand on his green cheek. "Are you going to be my old, sweet, gentle Boris again?"


"Well... all right, I suppose I'll give you another chance. But Dr. Laren might need to do some talking to my parents to convince them that you really are reformed."


Dr. Laren did talk to Mr. and Mrs. Parker, and explained how Boris had reverted to his former gentle self after withdrawing from school. They agreed to allow Judy to see him again.

Judy helped Dr. Laren and Boris decorate for Christmas. They listened to Bing Crosby records, baked cookies, strung lights, and hung ornaments. Boris's favorite part was putting the tinsel on the tree. And, of course, he placed the star on top.

Judy sat on the sofa beside Boris and lay her head on his large square shoulder. She closed her eyes and sighed with contentment. "Oh Boris," she said, "it's so nice to have you back."

"It's nice... to have you back... too," said Boris.

"No boy could be more beautiful than you, Boris Laren... my lovely Frankenstein."


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