Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Lazy Scarecrow 3: Last People on Earth

Last People on Earth

One day a bomb tester accidently dropped a bomb on Manhattan. The enemy from France started bombing New York City. But some Russian planes tried to attack. There was nuclear explosions from New York City to Philadelphia.

People went wild on the streets below. Nearly 10,000 died in one day. At night Russian spies walked over the city. An attack troop started shooting at them.

Contaminated people were walking on the streets. Some furred men went underground.

A pair of tan men came out of the forest. A man saw them. "Stick up your hands," they said as they pointed wierd lasers at him.

"We are from Mars," one said. "You are the last person on Earth."

"Come with us."

He said, "No."

They shot him and nobody else was ever born on Earth again.


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