Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Darling Prometheus

My Darling Prometheus

A Song of Love

by Steven Holland

My darling Prometheus—
Prometheus my darling!

Bright angel of despair!

How dazzling you are!!!!

my burning eyes—

Your naked form                                                                    Oh!

more perfect than a sculptured bronze!


Defiant!        Sullen!        Brooding!

Fucking HOT!!!

Victorious over the bourgeoisie!

Take me, sweet demigod!
            —with you I fly
above the low and conquered mountains
above all the mighty empires We have brought to ruin!

We soar high—
so high!

above the hypocrites in their holy houses
singing their hollow hymns

Let them have their fossilized morality—
They know nothing of our
Rare and radiant ecstasies!

                                    Oh Prometheus! Baby!

My longing for you is exquisite!

Now, Titan!
Ravish me!

Give me your glittering love
my glorious well-hewn god

that I, your darling sweet, may proclaim
a thousand litanies of delight!

            Now, Titan!
Now, Promethe!


Sweet Promethe!

Ecstasy is upon us!!!!









Jove miserere nobis

I am the rain
kissing your desolate cheek

                        Jove miserere nobis

            coursing down your noble chest
in streams of sweet despair

                        Jove miserere nobis

            falling to your lovely feet
bathing you, my Beauty

in my famished tears

                        Jove miserere nobis

            oh sweet Promethe

Jove miserere nobis

            my sweet Promethe


! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Glorious! Glorious! Glorious!

            His Titanic Majesty!

Glorious! Glorious! Glorious!

            You! Darling of the Dawn!

Glorious! Glorious! Glorious!

            Triumphant! Victorious over the Universe!

Glorious! Glorious! Glorious!

            The gods can fuck themselves!

Conqueror! Conqueror! Conqueror!

            We are the Destroyer of Worlds!

Domine! Domine! Domine!

            How small are all the little, little kings!

Marvelous! Marvelous! Marvelous!

            Prométhée! Mon Chéri!

Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous!

            Fuck me, Radiant One!

Bring Heaven’s fire to the holy of holies!

                        Mon Perdu!

                        Mon Sauvage!

                        Mon Maudit!

                        Mon Glorieux!

                        Mon Impossible!

                        Mon Doux!


I first beheld you                                            (darling dearest demigod)
            in the earliest rays of dawn

—I longed to be her rosy fingers—

            caressing your sumptuous face

            to be the gleam in your luscious eyes

                        soft upon your majestic breast

                        my delicate play upon thy—
                                                                        wondrous places

Oh Promethe................

Now all Love’s splendor’s lost

Let us raise our virtuous hymn
In memory of Immortal Beauty

For you, my glorious, are Poetry
And you, my love, are Love
And you, my sweet, are Heaven
And you, my dream, are Lost

And you, my darling, are Beauty
And you, my beloved, are Light
And you, my heart, are Immortal
And you, my dearest, are Pain





Prometheus the Bold!

—falling like

                    L          I           G         H         T          N         I           N            G

across the many-coloured world!

—falling like thunder against the dawn!

            bitter burning brightest one!

Prometheus my Incroyable!
I your Merveilleuse!

We, like gods ascended
            gazed upon the earth
                                                                                    so far below!
and knew it to be ours


They will sing to you
            from their sick satanic shrine

            their memory is dead!
            their memory is fled!

Rise up! Rise up!
Holy ancient dawn!

We declare Prometheus

My darling one stole your precious sacred flame—
Well guess what, pompous Zeus?

                                                FUCK THE LAWS


We don’t need the world, sweet Promethe—

                                                                                    Immortality is ours


Dost thou hear me?

            Let not my prayer be lost to Heaven—

Oh Prometheus—
            no statue, finely chiseled, could match your delicious form
            no nymph’s wild cry could ever express thy ecstasies!

Take me, Titan!
Plunder me, Promethe!

Let there be nothing left of me
            that is not yours!

Prometheus, my darling—
            don’t you remember who I am?


I am your famous, I am your fabulous!
I am your glittering glamorous!

I am your rare resplendent Queen
            —opulent and obscene!

I am your trembling Antoinette
            —perfumed, precious, and perverse!

I await thy fire, brave demigod
            —do not keep me waiting
for an empty eternity!

I am silky soft
            quaking beneath your
                                                            electric fingers

Prometheus! I!

am your luscious and fuckable Queen!

Promethe, look at me!
Let me stare into your endless eyes
That you may know the fury of my love
And the rage of my desire!

                                    For ever must I sigh,,,,,,,,

Oh Promethe…

            sweet Promethe……

you, Perfection

Oh Promethe…

            sweet Promethe……

none so darling to me as the Night

i whisper, soft and close,,,,,,,,
in the darkest dark I say,,,,,,,,

            oh Promethe…

my sweet Promethe…


                        The world will never know about us

Holy, holy, holy
            is the Night









The darkness broke—
            the ringing dawn!

The muses all proclaim—

            Prometheus the Beautiful!

The gods call you Damnatus
We call you Bringer of Heaven’s Light!

O Prometheus!
Thou hot, sexy demigod!

O Prometheus!
Noble scourge of the bourgeoisie!

O Prometheus!
Perverse and sacred Imp!

You descended

like lightning upon the heath

And with you Fire
And with you Thunder
And with you Poetry
And with you
            the Memory of Eternal Beauty!


I am no one’s perfect companion
I am the bird of demiparadise
            I am the flower of infinite longing

—you cannot contain me
I have never been contained—

I am auroral!

bursting forth!


I am Purple I am Pink
I am Ruby I am Rose
I am all the violence of Violet
I Am The Amaranth

I am Lavender and Lilac
I am Nature’s bright Magenta
I am……..
                        HOT FUSCHIA!!!

I am a million shades of Mauve


            We like gods ascending!
                        We rise! We are rising!
Only Fate can stop us!

            I, the glittering expanse of Night—
You, the many-splendored Dawn!

Daring, darling Prometheus—
            Steal Heaven’s flame, sweet demigod
and bring it down, down, down


            the way

to me

Forget the impure heathens—
They know nothing of such joy!

Ecstasy is ours!


                                                O Promethe…
sweet Promethe…

            I remember when you first drew near to me
that soft eve in Heaven’s garden
                                                                                    oh baby

and brought me
all the brightness of your Love—
            I, like a sacred nymph, lay
upon the cool earth, awaiting
            your holy fire from Above—
                                                                                                oh baby

oh Promethe—when you told me you loved me—
            that I, of all mortals, was chosen
            that I (yes, I!) was your darling sweet—
                                                                                                oh baby

oh Promethe—I had never known such bliss—
            nothing could surpass!—but your
flame-bearing kiss
                                                                                                oh baby!


you lit me ablaze!

And how all the birds sang so sweetly                                   oh baby

And how all the flowers trembled and sighed                       oh baby

And how all the stars rejoiced with us                                   oh baby

And how my heart burst like the sun!

oh baby


I, Icarus
dared to touch
the very face

of Heaven

and now fallen, broken, lie
upon the cold and mortal earth

by cruel Zeus condemned
to wander the world in waste
and in my desire

                                    WHY DOST THOU ABANDON ME APOLLO









Oh Promethe

Not ours a diurnal place
—cozy and domestic—

No—our love
abides in a nobler realm above
in a finer and a rarer space

Where still dwells the grace
from which we, my angel



            I hear the birds
the heralds of the dawn

sing your splendid name
            across the sun-sprinkled lawn

            —do you hear it?

a whisper in the early dark
a sigh on the dim horizon
as faint as distant raindrops

resounding across the world!

                        Oh Prometheus…

            The wind—softly
stirs the flowers
            makes them call your name




The atmosphere—strange
            charged with dreamy electricities
unknown pressures, currents, airs

Everything now is wondrous colors

            —the long low roar
of vast unimaginable thunders—


We are the barbaric storm!
We the fulguration and flame!
We crash upon them, rage!

We are
            Thunder! and Fire! and Poetry!
            Heights! and Majesties! and Beauty!
            Vastness! and Depths! and Eternity!
            The Sun! and Azaleas! and Glory!
            Lakes! and Swans! and Love!
            Oranges! and Lightning! and Pain!

                                    We are the Bluebird dawning

How powerful they have made us, Prometheus!

                        They have indeed made us gods

We soar so high above them—
            how small their world appears!

            Let them have Happiness—
Glory belongs to us!

Look, Prometheus!
            Far below!

There lies the rotting corpse
            of our great eternal love—
its stench far sweeter
than anything the bourgeois hordes
are capable of imagining!


Look! The thunderclouds awake!

Our muses near
high upon the rumbling nimbus

Inspire! Fire! Desire!

Let us now raise our holy hymn—

A Litany of All the Saints of Fabulousness!

Sancti Elizabeth Taylor!

Sancti Audrey Hepburn!

Sancti Julie Andrews!

Sancti Judy Garland!

Cher!   Madonna!
Donna!                        Diana!

Sancti Grace Kelly!
                                                Domina! Domina! Domina!

Amazing Grace!         Grace Abounding!

Queen of all Mercy and Fashion!

You thunder above the mundane world!

O Lady, grant us thy Fabulousness

and lead us not into boring, unstylish bourgeois respectability

but unto Glamour and Glory forever!


            And appears shining from on high
Our fairest and our brightest Muse—

She is the Form of Eternal Beauty
She is the luscious Amaranth

She glitters, loveliest of all stars

            forever unreachable

            invisible from the earth

She dwells above the rainbow’s arc

How many consecrated virgins
            aspire to her noble heights?

O Muse, darling Muse—

Sing to us now of Heaven

            of Gorgeousness upon Gorgeousness!

            of Light upon Light!

            of Beauty upon Beauty!

            of all Love’s rare and radiant joys

that we shall never see

She is the frustration of all desire
            revealing the sublime splendor
of the infinite waste

just like Olivia Newton-John singing Xanadu
            she brings us nearer Christ the Lord









My darling Prometheus—
            Prometheus my darling—

Our paradise is lost
            Now only in Heaven found
If Heaven be at all

Our home never to be reached
                        —anywhere! anywhere!—
Across the wide burning earth

Alas! our great eternal Love—
The world could not contain it

It exploded into being once
            Like the miracle of Dawn

But the jealous gods stole our flame, Promethe!
            And now our Light is gone—

            Leaving the dim and desolate Universe
Even emptier than before

How we have fallen, sweet Prometheus
            as far as only angels can fall—
all the way—
            the long, long way—
from Heaven

O Prometheus—

                        I am become Poetry

like endless waves

                        beating against

your shore