Friday, February 28, 2014

The Lazy Scarecrow 1: The Lazy Scarecrow

The Lazy Scarecrow

In the year 2000 A.D. the world was filled with craters because of light speed meteors. The Galactic Empire, Bill Vader, had been sending them since 1990. Once a farmer let a meteor kill his corn, because bugs had attacked it. He built a scarecrow and then his house and city got killed by a very large meteor. The scarecrow was tired and wanted to know what had happened to his farmer.

One day the last and largest meteor of all fell on North America. The sun was turning red now. The oceans boiled up. The year 2000 passed and the lazy scarecrow was still looking for the farmer.

At dusk the scarecrow found a pile of bones on a rock and fit them together. They reminded him of a person, so he stood it up and tried to walk with it. But it fell to the ground and the bones crumbled up. The scarecrow went on to see if he could find the farmer.

The next day the scarecrow woke up at noon and found himself on a beach. An old sign off the road said 'Del Rio Beach is 4 miles away.' The scarecrow knew that Del Rio Beach is in El Salvador, so he knew that that was where he was.

He walked into stones and ruins and said "I must be in Del Rio." He went on into Nicaragua and passed by a ruined city. It seemed like this used to be Ancient Greece.

A few days later he came to a crumpling sign that said 'Welcome to Panama'. He saw a large crow fly over. He jumped up and caught the crow. He hadn't eaten for days, so he ate the crow after he cooked it. He went on and on until he fell into a small hole. He climbed out and walked through a jungle. He had to swim across a creek and into a thicker jungle. Now the highway had turned into a small road. Suddenly a monkey jumped down at him. He took out some hay and ate it. The scarecrow strangled the monkey and forgot why he was walking. He ate the monkey for breakfast. He went over the Amazon on a rope bridge and over the Rio Tapajos on an Alligator. The alligator ate the Scarecrow.


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