Monday, March 3, 2014

The Lazy Scarecrow 2: The Great Rocket Ride

The Great Rocket Ride
Suddenly it got real hot. It felt like the sun was coming to the earth. At Billy's house he saw the sun coming. He ran to his mom and then the earth was burnt up. Birds flew away and alligators drowned themselves.
The farmer's son ran out of the house to get his little globe that was being burnt in the bonfire outside. He threw it back in because it was too hot. That weekend he bought a new one. On the globe little dinosaurs were walking around.
He picked off the dinosaurs and ran to eat supper.
The next day he went to Cape Cernelaverlel. He got on a seat and it started moving. He went into a Malcon D-4 hole. He went through the darkness and came to a staircase. He started to go up the long ladder. He went real slow until he got to the top. Then he went three trillion worlds a second. Finally he stopped. He was standing by a rocket. It said "Leskrypton". He walked around the 100-foot long rocket. He wished he could take a ride in it.
His mother told him it was time to go. He wanted to take a picture of the tall, towerlike UFO. He told his mother.
She told him no. They walked into a canlike building. There they saw a man. "Welcome to the rocket," he said.
Some men with rifles came into the room. One said, "We are the hypnotizers." He shot them with his rifle. They fell into a deep sleep.
When they woke up, they were preserved in ice.
On Earth, people never saw the rocket again, after it had taken off.

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